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    Hi All!

    I have an old app that I unpublished over 3 years ago (back in 2017). App is content based and I didn't have time to provide new content to it. The app used to be searchable by its keywords and appeared in the top 25-50 results depending on the keyword. The app was having over 50k downloads but actual users that still have it installed must be less than 10 because of the inactivity.

    Now 3 years later in October 2020 I published the app again - same app, same name and same package. After re-publishing the app I've noticed hat it's much lower in ranking and search results. For some keywords it doesn't even show up. Still getting some new daily installs but it's very small number.

    Now my question...
    I was wondering if would it be better if I will unpublish that app and publish it as a new app under new name and new package. Would it get better visibility than republishing 3-year old inactive app? What are your thoughts on that? Any idea / advice would be great?

    The app package is: com.toppicks
    11-01-2020 01:04 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I moved this to the Developer's Lounge for more specific traffic.
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    11-01-2020 01:40 PM
  3. toppicks's Avatar
    Any thoughts anyone?
    11-03-2020 09:46 PM
  4. CourtesyTechie's Avatar
    I cannot say for sure since I don't know what the inner workings are for the Google Play search, but I would say submitting a new app isn't going to make a difference. The problem is that the keywords in your app's name, title and description probably just don't rank high anymore. Three year is a long time, and within that time there are probably hundreds of new apps in the same category as yours.

    Your best best is to research some "app store optimizations" to try and get your app to start ranking high again.
    02-14-2021 02:45 AM

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