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    I have an application that make photos into a subdirectory called "DesPictures" in Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM public directory

    Another application scan the "DesPictures" directory and delete the photos one by one.

    In Android 10 the code is:
    dir = new File (Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM) + "/DesPictures");
    File list[] = dir.listFiles();
    if (list != null) {
    for (int i = 0; i < list.length; i++) {
    list[i].delete(); //WORKS IN Android 10 but DOES NOT WORK IN Android 11

    Can anybody help me, please, in order to delete each list[i] in Android 11? Thank you
    08-01-2021 11:33 PM

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