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    Hi All,

    I'm seeking some help for a project. I have 3 various activities (Main, Camera & Share). Main is simply a welcome page, Camera I guess speaks for itself however with an option button to either select from the Gallery or to Take a Photo (and identify what it is) and a Share page, to share the image and info to facebook.

    If I run each of the activities separately, all is OK (via Edit Config in Studio). The Main loads, followed by the Camera activity however this is where I run into my first problems.

    a. Firstly, the menu button allows the user to select 'Take Photo' but then the app crashes. I believe I have the correct permissions in the Manifest?

    b. Selecting the Choose from Gallery, the gallery does appear and allows for the selection of an image, but when it returns to the previous page it doesn't load in the imageview?

    c. Finally, I wish to add the Google Cloud Vision API, where the app can take a photo and then display info about what the object is. This is the tedious part. I've googled for weeks, trial and error, but to no avail. I have registered for an API however.

    There is this link [removed] where I have attempted to follow the readme guide, but haven't had much luck.

    Instead of a database within the app, I thought the Google Cloud Vision would be a great idea?

    I have been developing in Android Studio.

    This is my first attempt at an app, btw.

    I look forward to your replies.

    01-02-2018 01:45 AM

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