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    I have designed vba forms and I want to be able to open them and use them,save the data on a database. How do I achieve this ?This can be web based or mobile application
    10-22-2019 04:17 AM
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    10-22-2019 04:25 AM
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    10-22-2019 07:38 AM
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    10-22-2019 12:18 PM
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    I did that for a company back around 2009. It's not trivial. Ask on https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/index.php to see if someone will write you a program for it. (They'll eventually need the format of the spreadsheet and the layout of the database table.) If the spreadsheets won't all be the same format, you're going to have to add a "mapping" front end to that, to read a "map" file that equates each column with the field the data goes to, any unused rows, etc.

    It's not a "download this, click that" sort of operation, you have to be at least a half-decent developer (and know a programming language pretty well - any language, but I don't think VBA can access databases easily) to be able to develop something like that. (There's no existing application that can do it for you - your spreadsheet isn't the same as mine and your database isn't the same as mine. The application has to be developed for the particular data layout.)
    10-22-2019 04:27 PM

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