1. adavyhou's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I am interested in getting the HTC M8, but one thing that means a lot to mean is being able to take burst photos quickly. I have 2, soon to be 3 small kids so those precious seconds really matter when you are trying to capture a moment.

    I am currently on an HTC One XL and its quite slow at getting to the photos. I know i shouldn't mention it here but i was playing with a mates iphone5s and it is FAST, and it made me envious.

    So i was wondering if anyone here has the ability to do a speed test between the current top of the line phones as i am due an upgrade in the next couple of weeks. Criteria for the test are taking a photo (ideally a burst of shots) from when the phone is asleep and locked. Phones i am interested in are: HTC One M8, Samsung S5, Sony Xeperia Z2, any other current top of the line Android phone out there and dare i say iphone 5s for arguments sake.

    Much appreciated.

    03-30-2014 10:54 PM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    Well, if you're unhappy about the camera app's speed you can always replace your stock app with a faster one (such as High Speed Camera, Little Photo etc.) Anyhow as for the phone's you mentioned, I would suggest the Xperia Z2 (mainly because I am somewhat partial towards the Xperia series) also because out of all the Android phone's suggested: Xperia has the closest to stock experience which does give it a bit of edge in speed. However, HTC One their 2013 flagship device also had a very fast camera (mainly due to the fact that it allowed you to skip entering a password and just using the shortcut on your screen). So I would suggest the new HTC or Z2.
    03-31-2014 02:23 AM

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