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    Hello, today morning when I was in bathroom, I had my phone (Sony Xperia SP) with me just next to sink, and after a while being back in my room I noticed that there are 2 spots on the screen, like water would left. First I tried to gently push it, to see if it isnt just behind my protection foil. It didn't move, so I removed the foil (which cost me about 25$), and confirmed that the water is sadly behind the screen itself. It didn't move, so I was very afraid that the water already damaged the screen without going back.

    I turned it off, removed SIM and MicroSD to prevent any damage (my phone sadly doesn't have removable battery), and atleast put it on the direct sun. Then I began my research on google, and found the only solution - put it in bowl of rice over night or more. This recommandation was for phones, that fell in water completely, my didn't luckliy, and it is working just fine, but the water somehow got between the gaps (or maybe the top hole for headset) behind the screen. So before I put it in the rice, I tried to gently dry it with hairdryer, and then put it in the bowl.
    After a while I put it out and actually some of the spots on the top were gone, although a big area is left to go. It's now sitting in the bowl of rice and foil over it, and I hope it will be gone in day or two as everyone says.

    Do you have any suggestions here? Any tips, experiences? I don't want to pay the money for new screen, since it's working just fine, it's 'just' visual.

    Thank you for reading and possibly helping,
    12-30-2014 10:26 AM
  2. SlyJacobTheBeast's Avatar
    2 Days in dry rice (renew every day) may not be enough. Be prepared to leave it in there for 2 weeks. If the spots are still there after that the only way to get rid of 'm is to get the device to a repair shop.
    Thanks for your reply, although I just checked the phone and the water spots are slowly decreasing it's area. The area on the very top was gone quite quickly, as there is much more air floating, but the closer to the middle, the longer it will take, for sure. But there are results already, so I am not losing hope!
    12-30-2014 01:04 PM

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