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    I spilled water over my phone. The day after, the screen was black and I couldn't unlock it so I thought the touchscreen is dead. I could receive messages, led lights were working. A few days later I was looking at it under the bright light and noticed that under a narrow angle I can see my background and icons and I managed to unlock it and even read some messages. Can anybody post a diagnose so people at the local repair shop don't take me for a fool and charge me too much? Thanks!
    02-26-2015 03:49 PM
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    The back of the screen (the part closest to the inside of the phone) is a series of LEDs that shine light through the screen. The water shorted something and the LEDs no longer light up. (the LCD layer, the part that selectively blocks light, so you can see "things" is working, and what you did - bright light at an angle - is the proper way to diagnose this. (You'd make a good phone repairman if you're lloking for a profession and ar willing to spend a few months learning).

    The actual problem could be the LED layer itself - something shorted or burned out due to the water - or it could be a connector that got corroded by the water - or something on the motherboard (the pin that the voltage for the LEDs comes from) could have burned out due to a short in the connector or LED layer.

    So, assuming you bring it to a reliable shop, be prepared for anything from a screen replacement (you can't replace the LED layer alone) to a new motherboard to both. But if they tell you that the frammis detached from the filarbus, run like your life depended on it - they're just after your money. A bad screen, no drive voltage to the LEDs (drom th motherboard, so a new motherboard), corrosion - those things would be reasonable.

    Problem - you can probably buy a later, better phone (that's a 4 year old phone that runs Gingerbread) on Swappa for less than it's going to fix the Skate. I've seen phones as old as yours going on Craig's List for $50-$100 - and that's a ripoff. (My Samsung Precedent is about the same age and specs, and if I could get $30 fr it I'd be happy, so I'm keeping it. The last retail price was about $50 new. The Skate probably sold for the same price when they were trying to get them off the shelves. The full screen replacement for the Skate goes for about $50, then you have to add labor, so if it were mine, I'd back up any unsaved files, then replace the phone.)
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    02-26-2015 04:07 PM

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