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    Hey guys & dolls:
    I just noticed that I had over 115 views on this, but no one's left any comments. If you have/had this problem and the clues below helped you, please let me, and others, know how well it worked for you, or not, and your type of phone.
    No use tossing stuff like this out there if it's not going to do anyone any good. Waste of my time and yours.
    TY. MRS.

    I recently got an LG L90. Form my experience, so far, a pretty decent phone that fits my needs. But it is missing a couple of features.

    1) When a call comes in the screen awakens, but not so for text or other messages. I get the audible notification sound, and I can tell if it's a text or email. But I can't see from whom or what it's about or how important it might be. So why they would leave such a simple action off a phones software is beyond me.
    Sure, normally it's no big deal to press a button or two to get at the message, but sometime you just can't. Your hands are busy or are all gunked up and for the moment all you can do is spare your phone a glance.

    Well, enter the "Screen Notification" app from the PlayStore. Its icon is a yellow light bulb.

    And all it does is turn on your screen, for the time you have it set to timeout at, when an email, text or social media notification comes in.
    I think there is some flashing screen feature with it too, but as that did not interest me I did not get into it.

    2) Again, I have no idea why, but it seems a number of manufactures, like with my LG L90, have decided to leave out the soft, usually red, notification light from the front of the phone. I mean, all it does it blink if you've missed a call or message, but that is a bit useful in itself, right?

    To fix this with an app I was, at first, stuck on the LIGHT aspect of this problem. Meaning; You don't have a light on front? Well, the fix must be to make the light you DO have (your camera flash) take it's place as best it can, right? Well, not so much.

    I've notices that there are MANY apps out there that will make your camera flash at the moment you have an incoming call. That is indeed a useful feature, but not the one I was looking for.

    To fix this problem I was looking for an app that, AFTER I had missed a call, text or email, would blink my camera flash, maybe on half power, about 3 times every 5 or so seconds. Something to notify me that I missed SOMETHING in the event my phone had to be face down.
    But, as I said, I was too wrapped up in the LIGHT thing.

    Enter "NoLED". (Although I think the name should be "NoLED?"). Its icon in the app store is a black square with a red dot up in the left corner.

    Now we're back to the front of the phone where the usual notification light is. Only what NoLED does is use your screen. It doesn't flash it off or on (though I think there is an option for that). The main thing it dose is put a floating, colored icon, or just a dot if you'd like, on your 95+% asleep screen, to notify you, like the old, little blinking light, that you missed whatever.

    There are many options for sizes, shapes and colors. You can add solid, home-screen-like icons if you. I just went with colored, outlined icons, like you might see in you status bar, only they are better detailed and much bigger. not only will you know you missed something, but you'll also know what is was. A call, text, voicemail, email or whatever. Or any combination of them

    So, when you come back to your phone you'll see (in my case) a red icon, in the shape of a phone handle, floating about on your otherwise black screen, to indicate a missed call, or a yellow envelope for you text or a blue one for this email or a green one for that email.

    So check it out and see if that is what YOU are looking for.

    And if anyone knows of ONE app out there that can do all three for me, let me know. All three is.

    1) Wake my screen when a text, email or social media notification comes in. THEN, when it has gone back to sleep,

    2) have a constant notice on my home screen that I missed...whatever (the way NoLED does it with the specific icons is great) and, again,

    3) after the screen is asleep, blink my camera flash as a notification that I MISSED something, if I have to leave my phone face down.

    And have the option to turn any or all off or on individually.

    Or, if any of you developers out there actually put this together, let me know.
    06-17-2015 04:19 PM

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