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    I own a Samsung S3 Mini bought from Bahrain. It is an awesome device with a beautiful display. But its touchscreen stopped working some time ago. I was using a fake back cover. I performed lot of reboots and then factory reset as a last resort. Still it didn't work. As I reside in India and the device isn't on sale here, I couldn't get it repaired. So I stopped using it since. Now I tried the original back cover and it started working!!!....but only for few days. Then now again it works fro some time then goes off and so on... Is this an issue with the temperature or with the back cover?? BTW I got it tested by my uncle in Qualcomm and found out the hardware to be fine. As I have factory reset the device, it can't be software problem either(?).... Someone please help me...
    07-30-2015 09:31 AM

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