1. bertabugnu's Avatar
    I rooted my phone trying (unsuccessfully) to move programs to my removable sd card. I was going through and deleting unused programs phone shut its self off I tried everything I could think of with no success I gave up did a factory reset all my files are saved in the cloud. My phone boots up but still has the black screen. My pull down menu is there, so is my settings. I can sort of navigate around I am on it now.I dont even remember how I got it to a search engine, but I did.it seems to be a little laggy but the screen is fine my keyboard works, my back button worked but not the menu. If I close this screen my home pages are black, is there a way I can fix this? Oh I can even use the hotspot on it for my laptop. Only cause settings are on the pull down notification area. Advice,??? Please and thank you.:-)
    08-22-2015 08:09 PM
  2. bertabugnu's Avatar
    P.s. I can receive texts and calls, I can reply to texts once received. Anybody who can tell me how to get my home screen back please tell me
    08-24-2015 02:37 PM

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