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    The screen on my Nexus 6 cracked so I attempted to replace it. Ever since it's had a strange problem. |t's probably a hardware issue but wondered if anyone had seen it before and could narrow it down to a part?

    It boots fine into Fastboot and the screen displays perfectly across the whole screen. However when you boot normally, the Google splash screen displays OK but from then on it displays very odd.

    It has a section from the bottom of the screen which is black (around 1 cm). This section sometimes displays a multi-colored static type image. The rest of the screen is displaying multiple copies of the image, about 4 images overlapping in a ghost like affect.

    The digitiser is still working OK and it boots up into android OK. I've tired factory resetting it from Fastboot but still the same result.
    10-09-2015 04:14 AM

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