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    I recently cracked the screen of my Nexus 5. I got it replaced at a local phone repair shop. After getting my new screen back, couple days later I noticed white spot at the bottom of the screen under white background only. I called the shop and they told me that it is issues from the motherboard projecting to the screen and the screen has no issue. I am not a technician and couldn't argue with them. They said it would cost more to fix the motherboard. However, while my screen was cracked, i didn't notice any white spots (I didn't specifically pay attention to it but I think I would've noticed it if there were spots). And now today, I noticed a faint light spot appearing at the top of the screen. So is it really from the motherboard or is it a defect on the new screen?

    Please help! I need to know more about it before taking back to demand them to fix it. Thanks!
    10-22-2015 12:26 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Pictures of the defect would help. If it's the motherboard/display driver, the defect would be 'pixelated' or show up as flickering pixels. If the defect comes from the screen, it would show up in all images or as a 'faded' effect (it might also be a bad installation of the glass or something that might be affecting it).
    10-22-2015 01:16 PM
  3. Jasongladius's Avatar
    Great ! Thanks. I'll take it back and ask them to fix it since it's likely from the screen and not the mother board.
    10-22-2015 01:43 PM
  4. Jasongladius's Avatar
    Hi SpookDroid,

    So I took it back to the shop and the guy first said that it could be damaged by too much pressure on the screen when I put on the screen protector (which is unlikely since I've always put on my own screen protector). One thing I did do was initially got the phone back, I noticed light coming out from the bottom side, I thought that maybe it didn't glue properly so I pressed it down hard to make it stick. Could too much pressure cause a white spot on screen?

    At the end, he said that he would put in a new screen but if the white spots remains then I would need to pay $50 extra for labour. But if white spots disappeared then he wouldn't charge anything. Do you think it's worth it to give it a shot??

    Appreciate your input!
    10-22-2015 03:00 PM
  5. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Pressure on a screen can cause variations in intensity and even colors, especially on LCDs (it is liquid crystal, after all... remember those old calculator displays where you could make them 'bleed' if you pressed with your finger? same thing).

    If it's not bothering you too much, I'd probably wouldn't chance it. But if it's noticeable, just make sure he's not using the same screen when re-working this. It's a gamble, in the end.
    10-22-2015 03:50 PM
  6. Jasongladius's Avatar
    So if the white spots only appears on white back ground, do you think it's a LCD defect then? I don't see it in dark background. Which makes me think that it could be the motherboard itself that has the issue.
    10-26-2015 09:21 PM
  7. Jasongladius's Avatar
    Hi Spooky Droid,

    If the problem is from the motherboard like the shop said it is. When I take a screen shot, the dot isn't there. So according to them it's a projection from the board to the screen. So if the white spot doesn't show on screen shot, wouldn't it be the issue of the LCD? I'm also attaching a photo to show you the white spot. White spots on screen after cracked LCD replaced!-1445923128261.jpg
    10-27-2015 12:39 AM
  8. Jasongladius's Avatar
    Another shot. You'll see on the left hand side.
    10-27-2015 12:41 AM
  9. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I agree with you. If the screenshot doesn't show the blemish, it's either the LCD Driver (it MIGHT be delivering higher brightness to some pixels) or it might be the LCD itself. From the pictures, however, I'd say it's more likely to be the LCD, either having 'light' blotches on the LCD itself or caused by pressure somehow (badly installed glass, pressure from internal components like a screw or popping-out chip, etc.).

    Unfortunately it seems the repair shop is not willing to take responsibility for any damage they might have done to your phone and will try to squirrel out of the repair at all costs.
    10-27-2015 05:24 PM

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