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    After a couple months of go between Chrome and Dolphin I've settled on Dolphin for a variety of reasons which I won't go into.

    I recently installed add-ons for the first time (other than what comes default) and discovered the Dolphin Connect plug-in for Chrome so I can sync my Chrome bookmarks on my desktop with Dolphin on my phone. Hurray! However, one thing I've learned coming from iOS to Android is with most of these high-powered Android smartphones, you need to be more vigilant about watching battery consumption. For example, initially I found Poweramp to be running mediaserver related stuff in the background chewing up battery but that settled down it seems, maybe just took time for the phone/app to catalog/analyze or something my 3000 high bitrate aac files on my SD card. Others have said these phones' batteries sort of 'break in' (really I think it's an OS database issue with the OS doing stuff, not the physical battery breaking in.)

    Anyway, sorry to get off on a tangent. Had this S3 for two months now. Couple days ago I enabled the Bookmark and Tab Sync on Dolphin and installing the Speed Test, LastPass, and Desktop mode switcher add-ons, I noticed a bit more battery usage so I took a look at usage a couple times with phone asleep for an hour or two and I find mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser in top 4 apps/processes for battery usage. This is when NOT using the phone AT ALL and this has not happened before.

    There's no info anywhere on this issue after last spring when apparently Dolphin was called "Dolphin HD". The app store also has 'Dolphin Beta' which to my demise I found synced tabs but not bookmarsk (was having an issue Dolphin opening links to blank page - thought Beta was newer but saw date on App Store for Beta was older than non-Beta!) In a nut shell - their naming/version history is a bit confusing for a relatively new Android/Dolphin user.

    I did see only one post somewhere saying the desktop mode switching add-on was eating background CPU. Huh? Anyway, I currently just do trial and error disabling one thing at a time to figure out specifically what in Dolphin is using CPU when the phone isn't in use. Also will need to see if exiting all the way out makes a difference.

    I'm chatty today. Sorry. Anyone run into this issue?
    01-29-2013 05:19 PM

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