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    Is there an add-on or configuration for Android Dolphin to have open tabs appear in the left-swipe sidebar, as in the iPhone version? I find the default setup difficult, because I need to click the phone's menu button (at the bottom of the phone) to show the tabs, then click at the very top to manage them, meaning two hands are required.

    The other thing I loved about the iPhone version that perplexingly isn't available on Android is the auto-hiding of the url bar when scrolling down, with the ability to show it by scrolling up slightly, instead of all the way to the top of the page. Just reduces the number of hand contortions you have to do. My guess is the logic was you have the menu soft-button on Android phones, so don't need this feature, but when browsing, my thumb is near the center of the page. It's not much more convenient to reach the button than it is to reach the top bar (which scrolls to the top of the page and shows the url bar) on the iPhone.

    I love all the added features of Dolphin for Android - particularly the Lastpass add-on. Just disappointed that my favorite parts of the iPhone version seem to be missing!

    Edit: OK, if I'm not in full screen mode I can scroll up to show the tabs briefly, so that's a bit better. Would be nice if the URL bar could be optionally shown too, and if it didn't disappear after a couple seconds, but still. That said, I still vastly prefer the bookmarks in the sidebar; easier to see what's what. Bookmark cards like on Firefox Mobile would be ok too. Everything else about Dolphin is so awesome, it isn't worth switching browsers, but I sure wish it was perfect (for me )!
    05-09-2013 08:09 PM

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