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    I just applied ApeX 2 release candidate 2 to my Droid 2 & I did wipe/reset & cache wipe before & after installing the zip file to install ApeX that I got via Rom Manager & installed thru the generic Droid2 Bootstrap by Koush & noticed a couple of troubling things.

    #1 There is no Search button in Gmail & I have to go to the web-based gmail in order to get the ability to do a search of my messages. This is not the best implementation, as in the past, under Froyo & then the pre-rooted update to GingerBread both had a search button along w/the Folder & Compose options.

    #2 The 'Save As Draft' feature is not working either as expected & even at all.

    Used to be, under Froyo, when I was writing an email & accidentally hit the home button at the bottom of the D2's screen (between Settings & Back) - the email I was writing was automatically saved. Now, under ApeX 2 RC 2 the msg is not saved even when I hit the Save As Draft button.

    Also, the msgs that I have in my other Folders do not show. I know that I have msgs in these folders, so something is wrong....

    Please help. I like ApeX2 RC2 otherwise very much & it is stable, clean, & works faster & better than GingerBread, but saving drafts & searching emails is kind of important.

    I'm more than willing to hold on while a solution is either obtained, or worked on; but I'm a bit nervous that there is no way to directly contact the dev....

    Thanks in advance to all,

    07-29-2011 01:41 PM
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    OK, folks,

    I found my own answer, & it is my bad. I forgot what bigxie said about Google apps needing replacement. I d/l'ed Google Mail app fm the Market & all is well in ApeX 2 rc2 land & Gmail for me.

    Also, there is another issue & unless I have missed something else, the l.e.d. light right next to the power socket of the Droid2 is not working.

    Thanks to bigxie for a great rom!

    Hope to hear soon, as I originally posted a 'retraction' & my bad msg after the original post, but for whatever reason it does not show up here now. Maybe there is a limit for newb posters here to post multiple times in a certain time-frame....

    hoping to hear about the led charging light,

    07-30-2011 10:42 PM

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