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    I recently put cyanogen mod on my phone and I love it, but I am having one crippling problem. After a couple hours of use downloading anything at all, market browser etc, causes an android.process.media error and won't let the download start. I have tried restoring previous roms, going back to stock then re-installing, installing new nightlies, and fixing permissions but nothing seems to work. The best that any of these things does is give me another couple hours of being able to download, while fixing permisions and installing new nightlies did nothing. If anybody has any other ideas I would greatly appreciate your input.
    08-25-2011 12:20 AM
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    Ok I may have found where the problem is originating. This time when I ugraded to the new nightly I wiped data and cache and then didn't restore using titanium. There might be a setting or app in there that is causing this problem. I am going to not restore for another day to see if the problem arises again. Then I will start restoring things one at a time to try to find out what caused this.
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    08-25-2011 10:20 AM