1. phantasmah's Avatar
    I just received a message from Verizon saying that the Google Play update for my D2G will roll out in a couple days. I am currently running the Fission ROM on my phone and have never attempted a system update since rooting it (whenever I go to the System Update page in Settings > About Phone, I just get a blank screen).

    Does anybody know if the Google Play update will work on a rooted Android phone with a custom ROM? Or do I have to restore it to factory default?
    03-08-2012 09:39 AM
  2. scarryman04's Avatar
    Yes it will automatically update...I already got it on my GNex and A500 both rooted and ROM'd

    You can force the update...just go into all apps find the market and click on it then select clear data then open it up, it should update when it syncs with Google's servers
    03-08-2012 09:42 PM