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    So I was putting a custom rom on my friends phone (I've done 2 other d2g no problems, this one is a refurb idk if that will mean anything) and I decided to sbf back to stock. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't on the 629 but I am not entirely sure. So I sbf and it fails, so i download about 50 other SBF files, a lot of the same ones just to be sure, and now its on bootloader version d2.37 bootloader

    1.Bootloader D2.37
    2.Droid 2 Global
    3.Was completely stock before I tried a clean sbf installation
    4.Now none of the SBF files it try work. Some say succesfull then the phone won't boot

    I could really use some help. I've already tried the .629 downgrade and what not on rootzwiki, tried flashing R2D2 Droid sbf files, tried froyo, tried GB. Please help the D2G is not my department in the hacks for android I'm used to the Optimus S
    06-25-2012 07:38 PM