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    So I recently bought a Droid 2 Global off of ebay. I got the phone and it was relatively fine. It came with the android 2.3.3 system. I decided that I want to flash cyanogenmod onto it. I rooted it and that went fine. I then attempted to open up the cyanogenmod from clockworkmod recovery. This didnt work. I kept getting an error message. So I gave up and did a factory reset and wiped everything. Unfortunately this solved none of my problems. The phone would boot up only to get stuck at the motorola "m". I couldnt go into either the stock recovery or the clockworckmod. I thought maybe if I pull the battery, my sd card, and the sim card things would get better. Nope. The phone wouldnt even turn on after that. Maybe its a battery issue? I let it charge in the wall charger all night. Currently its on only when plugged into the wall and is still stuck at the "m".
    I have no idea what to do anymore. Any help would be appreciated!!
    09-19-2012 06:05 PM

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