1. kendall vaspi's Avatar
    Hello everyone, i need some help from you.
    i'm owner of a motorola droid 2 global A956 froyo 2.2
    i rooted my phone, i started to erase few apps that i don't wanted to have installed y my phone. accidentally i erase some files from the system.
    when i tried to install an app from playstore a message pop out saying that it can't install the app.
    i didn't do any backup, i started to hard reset my phone... when i loads the welcome screen i cannot introduce my account. and the phone stays searching to connect with a server.

    some one help me please. it also shows me a message that saying that the sdcard cannot be read. i can't install any sbf file or any rom.
    i'll wait for your answer.
    04-05-2014 08:57 PM

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