1. slvrscoobie's Avatar
    So I see a lot of the D2 rooting info, no problem, i can handle it.
    But before I do it I HAVE to know that the D2 and D2G are exactly the same, and root the same before I mess his up. Ive been telling him all the features and he wants to remove the bloat so I want to help but i do NOT want to mess it up
    is Z4 still a go to app, or VisionARY better? or do i need to do CMDline
    12-17-2010 12:13 PM
  2. thebizz's Avatar
    You can use either app the root process is the same between the droid2g droid pro and droid2. So he can get rid of the bloat but I suggest he make a back up of the apps first so he doesn't have an issue with an upcoming update. unless he is going to use the pre rooted versions of the update that won't fail or possibly brick him if he uses the stock. Sorry for no reply yesterday was really busy had almost no time
    12-18-2010 02:34 PM
  3. nfalbo's Avatar
    I would recommend suggesting Titanium Backup Pro version to your boss. If he is not a very tech savvy person this would be the easiest way to disable the bloatware. Instead of removing the bloat and possibly bricking the phone upon a future update he can just freeze it so it wont run. The app will run you a couple bucks and you need to have root access to use it plus it will make backups of all the apps on the phone so if he does a factory restore he will be able to restore the apps he downloads easily.
    12-18-2010 10:04 PM
  4. slvrscoobie's Avatar
    Weird, so unlike the X if you remove bloat and try to update, itll brick?
    Mine just fails to update..
    Well unlike mine, Im not going to be changing the radio file, adding ringtones to the system memory, and deleting bloat, ill just rename a couple of naughty ones (madden 11, blockbuster, kindle) and edit his host file. Easily undone.
    12-20-2010 08:25 AM
  5. thebizz's Avatar
    The update will fail but along with that comes the possibility that it could brick. May be a soft brick but the threat is a their
    12-20-2010 02:43 PM