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    Hi everyone,

    Been a member here for a while but haven't really posted anything. I was one of the original holders of the D1 since launch and the touch screen finally gave out on me so I opted to use my upgrade for the D2 global. I opted for this because I loved the faster processor and wanted to stick with the keyboard. So far I have been loving the speed and snappiness of the device.

    My question however was that I really am not a fan of Motorola's ninja-blur skin. I feel like it was puppet'ed on there by verizon as another attempt to lock one of their phones down. I am really interested in getting stock android back onto the D2 in any way possible so that it would return back to how the D1 was. I am looking for gingerbread in particular if possible, however I would settle for froyo if that's easier. I am also looking for a rom that would change the whole phone to stock android, not just a launcher that would re-skin the homescreen.

    Thanks for any help or tips you guys can give me.
    01-09-2011 12:06 PM
  2. corydunbar's Avatar
    i don't know of any solid gingerbread roms for the D2, but Fission is a great AOSP "like" ROM. its good on battery and performance. Plus its really easy to modify using the developers Fission Rom Manager app. there are Gingerbread themes and many more for you to choose from and you can even add back in a little MotoBlur if its somewhat to your liking.
    01-10-2011 12:22 PM
  3. Albi's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick response. I'd love to try fission out. I haven't had much experience with putting custom software on a phone, not sure if you could help me with that or point me in the right direction? I rooted the original droid using a step by step guide but never did much with it. Sounds like fission is what I am looking for (I do not like blur). I would also like to try underclocking the processor to see how that affects battery life, because the D2 global is terrible compared to the original droid. Thanks for any more info you can provide in regards to fission.

    01-10-2011 09:22 PM
  4. thebizz's Avatar
    Head over here Team DeFuse and get their rom manager if your using your phone you may want to use the full version of the webiste
    and this http://www.teamdefuse.com/roms/insta...and-downloads/ has all the install instructions just easier to link it
    01-10-2011 10:26 PM
  5. corydunbar's Avatar
    Apps that i suggest for you Z4Root [not in the market], Rom Manager, Fission Rom manager [not in the market], droid 2 bootstrap, titanium backup, and droid X/2 overclock (JRummy version)

    Z4root can be found on XDAdevelopers.com

    Fission Rom Manager can be found through TeamDefuse.com
    01-10-2011 11:14 PM