1. Centro85#AC's Avatar
    Ok guys, I had some issues and neeed to go back to oem. Here is a quick run down:
    Droid 1 dies, droid 2 replacement
    Need to tether for work, root droid 2
    sick of low ram, flash apex
    apex works great for a month, awesome rom, same ram issue-start having problems going into usb mode to mess with sd card
    flash fission- constant reboot cycle
    restore backup of oem rooted rom, getting crazy problems (boot screens while already booted etc)
    download stock unrooted sbf
    after 2.5hrs of tinkering, get sbf to flash
    Hits 100%, says turn on device, device already on
    unrooted, but system info is showing an aftermarket kernel
    reboot and clear cache/factory reset
    have trouble activating, but finally takes
    still unrooted, still NON OEM kernell. Phone working, still having weird issues likee contant loops while trying to do usb mass storage etc.

    Did RSD fail and say it was okay? Did I do something wrong? The sbf was an unrooted oem sbf from My droid world, the kernell is the first one I flashed (oem rooted) but unrooted. If that makes sense.

    So how do I actually unroot AND get an oem factory kernell? Do I have to re root, flash oem kernell, THEN sbf? I thought sbf was supposed to be a complete factory image?

    Please help. Im 900 miles from home, for work, with a 6 year old Vista laptop and. 25kb/s (yes, .25kb/s) hotel wifi. I NEED this phone for work.

    Thanks guys.
    01-19-2011 09:03 PM
  2. corydunbar's Avatar
    why/How did you flash a custom kernel? the e-fuse/bootloader should have blocked that. what version is your bootloader?
    01-20-2011 07:32 PM
  3. Centro85#AC's Avatar
    You are correct, it is the stock kernell. I was confused by the weird name it was labeled as. She is in fact all back to stock.

    With that said, I am still getting a weird problem where it WILL NOT enter USB mode to fool with the SD card from my laptop. It gets stuck in a "processing SD Card," or whatever it says, loop
    01-23-2011 09:35 AM
  4. thebizz's Avatar
    That's a very odd problem one I haven't heard of a custom rom causing. I would say get an sdcard reader see if that works. Fifty fifty chance its the card or phone
    01-23-2011 12:25 PM
  5. corydunbar's Avatar
    Is the issue resolved? were you able to get the SBF to take?
    01-26-2011 01:41 PM