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    As the title implies, I. Just finished rooting for my first time. All seems to went well, and I backed up with the titanium. Is there anything in particular I should do now? With any other apps or of the sort?
    03-13-2011 04:34 PM
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    03-13-2011 07:02 PM
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    so you backed up your apps with titanium, but did you do a nand backup through the recovery or rom manager?
    03-14-2011 10:20 AM
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    I seriously recommend doing a nandroid backup

    ASSUMING anyone trying to make a backup is already rooted
    if not check out this post by Jerry:
    how to root droid 2 noobies

    What is required
    Droid 2/ Global [rooted]
    Micro sd card

    Apps needed / recomended
    Droid 2 recovery bootstrap by ClockworkMod
    Rom Manager by clockwork Mod (provides added functionality but isn't required)

    Anyone that follows these procedures, does so at their own risk. and i can not be held accountable to any damages incured to your device
    Steps (this process branches because there are multiple ways to do this)
    1) Open Droid 2 bootstrap
    2) select "bootstrap recovery" and wait until it says "success"
    * if you don't have root access you will not be able to bootstrap your recovery
    3) repeat step 2 a few times to ensure it took appropriately
    4) open Rom Manager
    5) check to ensure it says your current recovery matches the latest recovery.
    * if the current and latest dont match, then select "flash clockwork recovery" and choose your devise when prompted.
    using Rom Manager to create a backup [easiest]
    6-a) scroll down and select "backup current ROM"
    7-a) name your backup and select "ok"
    *your device will restart once and creat the backup, then restart again to a normal startup
    using droid 2 recovery bootstrap to creat backup
    6-b) open droid 2 recovery bootstrap
    7-b) select "reboot recovery"
    * your device will restart in the recovery
    8-b) use the hardware volume buttons to scroll up/down to backup and restore
    9-b) select "backup and restore" with the hardware camera button
    10-b) select "backup" with the camera button
    *device will then create a backup with a file name according to the date and time
    11-b) your device will now settle in the recovery main menue, select "reboot system now" with the camera button
    Wallah, you know have a backup up image of your device just in case you ever have to go back.
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    03-14-2011 10:25 AM
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    Thanks a ton Cory. Does bootstrap cost any moolah?
    03-14-2011 10:18 PM
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    But doesn't ROM Manager do the same thing for free? Maybe not I am just a bit confused. Please explain.
    03-14-2011 10:23 PM
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    Thanks a ton Cory. Does bootstrap cost any moolah?
    the bootstrap application does cost money, its either $.99 or $1.99, but its the only way to flash a custom recovery image. and its totally worth it, because it is the only way to garauntee nand access (backup and other system controls).

    But doesn't ROM Manager do the same thing for free? Maybe not I am just a bit confused. Please explain.
    ROM Manager does do all the things that the bootstrap does except for the actual bootstrapping. For example if rom manager flashes clockwork thats great, but your phone will never access it without the bootstrap enabled.

    all in all, both apps flash clockwork recovery, Rom Manager doesn't bootstrap your current recovery but provides a clean during usage interface. Where as the bootstrap alters your boot process and brings you straight to clockwork recovery, no clean interface. Just plain clockwork.

    The best thing is to do both. Use bootstrap to gain access and alter your boot process and then use Rom Manager to manage your backups and get the latest version of clockwork recovery.
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    03-17-2011 02:08 AM