1. always needs help's Avatar
    okay so i understand the rooting part but what does ROM mean?..and ive been reading diffrent types of ROMS and others have better custimization..or how to make your own ROM? not sure if im even talking correctly..but both my brothers both have their phone rooted and their own phone icons setups and wont tell me...
    03-24-2011 12:10 AM
  2. laserguided's Avatar
    You can just use a home replacement app such as Launcher Pro or ADW to modify your icons and the look. Both are available in the Market.

    ROMs are basically modified versions of the Android OS with custom GUI. Some of time they are ported from existing phone software (i.e. stock Android or HTC Sense).

    Motorola comes standard with MotoBlur and HTC with HTC Sense.
    03-24-2011 11:17 AM
  3. jocko's Avatar
    Yeah for what i think your going after just hit up launcher pro in the market. And you'll be good to go.
    03-29-2011 11:41 PM
  4. Smitty_82's Avatar
    I would start by getting a launcher from the market. ADW EX had a lot of custom options that might fit what you are looking for.
    03-30-2011 12:30 AM