1. shanshor's Avatar
    I want to flash CM7 or another rom to my D3. Can someone provide a link to the Stock-stock rom for the Droid 3? thanks!

    And do i use safestrap to re-flash it?
    12-07-2011 09:02 PM
  2. diggy15's Avatar
    When you are using safestrap you auto save your current system and when you reverse you safestrap it will revert back to your original setup. If you need more help just let me know and I can figure out the walk thnrough. Will look for a stock_stock in a bit
    12-09-2011 09:17 AM
  3. BenSWoodruff's Avatar
    Here is a thread that will help you get your phone, bricked or not, back to stock: Fast/Easy unbrick - Droid 3 (XT862) - xda-developers

    My D3 was on XT883 Chinese ROM to use T-Mobile SIM card, but it sucked so I went back to stock using this method. It had no stock recovery at the time, so this was my best bet. Later, I just flashed the XT883 radio.img and replaced my build.prop to get GSM functionality back. This, of course, required a carrier unlocked D3 ;-)
    01-03-2012 10:11 PM