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    I bought a Moto Droid 3, the guy told me that is blocked (was from Verizon, and im from Argentina) to call and send sms/mms, but i could use Android apps with WiFi, the camera, etc...
    I didnt want to call or send sms, i wanted to use it as a WiFi Tablet and the camera 1080p. So i thought great! So i bought it.
    But i realized that the phone was rooted (i saw superuser app instaled).
    I had some errors so i tryied to fix them clearing cache and dalvik cache in the safe mode but, i have THE SAME PROBLEMS in safe mode!

    The problems are "The aplication XXXX (Process com.motorola.XXXX) has stopped unexpectedly. force close" with the following apps:
    Calendar Storage (com.android.calendar)
    Msg. SMS/MMS (com.motorola.conversations)
    IM (com.motorola.im)
    Email (com.motorola.email)
    Contacts storage (com.motorola.contacts)
    Twitter and some more...

    Error in Google Apps when i download/update an aplication:
    '"XXXX" could not be downloaded due to an error. (491).'
    Also i cant download pictures from facebook for example.

    Aplications running in Safe mode (also getting all the errors):
    Data Manager Service
    Voice Commands
    Google Services
    Sync Service
    Text Messaging

    How can i fix the errors, help T_T
    09-27-2012 03:28 AM

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