1. 20202's Avatar
    - Pretty sure I rooted successfully w/ ICS404root, not sure how to check.

    - Can't seem to find my SD card for installing a ROM (eclipse) seems like I don't have one.

    - Want to install a custom ROM (and hopefully wipe, too much bloat), I usually get told to download some handy rom manager and it ends up not supporting Droid 4.

    I've been attempting to root and install a custom ROM on my Droid 4, mainly because of the massive amount of 'bloatware' with Droid 4; I've read around a lot but am completely stuck. I am pretty sure I rooted successfully w/ ICS404root. I was attempting to install Eclipse (CM for Droid 4 seems to be down everywhere I go). I was using the 'noob guide' w/ pics found at droidforums.net but I'm not sure how to install from my SD card, or perhaps I don't have one (possible?), I can't select the option to goto my SD card in motocast and I see no way to view what is on it via the Droid itself. Under My Computer I can goto I: MOT but I'm not sure how to access the SD card. I copied the 'recommended files' to MOT (set Droid to mass storage), but I don't know how to install bootstrap. There are a lot of guides I've been reading but I'm completely stumped and have a feeling I'm going to brick the thing if I don't get some advice first.

    11-16-2012 02:16 PM
  2. alttbm1's Avatar
    install safestrap from here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhmmrku5e4x8boj/hbd5BE-Nae
    then open the safestrap app 'install recovery'
    put the custom ROM on your SD or your phone
    restart your phone & press settings at Moto splash screen to boot into safestrap
    I'll leave the rest to you

    Safestap allows you to dual boot so you cant brick you phone
    Provided that you use it properly
    11-17-2012 07:05 PM

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