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    I am highly considering getting the bionic at least for a few months. I am on an OG Droid and it is on its last legs. I am in a good area for 4g and was waiting for a dual core phone. But with the rumors of the Vigor and the Samsung Droid/Nexus phone that may come out on verizon I know I may want those instead. I love being able to mod my phone and I know with P3droid and some other people working on the Bionic that some great things are possible, but hearing the HD screens and possible unlocked phones that are on the horizon I don't know what to do, lol. If I did get the Bionic it would be through Best Buy and I was thinking about doing their Buyback program and using that to get a possibly better phone when it came out and selling the Bionic on ebay. What are your opinions on the Bionic. Is it something I should get or should I wait?

    Edit- I know when using the buyback program I'd have to give the bionic back to bestbuy I meant I would use the buyback program OR sell it on ebay.
    09-09-2011 10:28 AM