1. teegale's Avatar
    Having an odd issue. When my battery is fully dead on my Bionic, it will not charge, even so that I can boot up the phone. If I'm booted into Android and plug it in via USB it charges just fine. Any ideas?
    09-10-2011 11:07 AM
  2. tdizzel's Avatar
    Are you trying to charge it with your computer or plugging it into a wall outlet? Its pretty common with most phones that if the battery is completely dead it will only charge if you plug it into a wall outlet. If it has any charge in it, it should charge just fine from a computer, If it is completely dead you will likely have to use a wall outlet to charge it.
    09-10-2011 11:25 AM
  3. jmullinsiu's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with my og droid. I plugged it usb and nothing happened. I just let it chill there a while and came back in an hour or so to find it just fine.

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    09-10-2011 12:09 PM