1. tyler0630's Avatar
    hands down to motorolla. I use the 4g and unlimited hotspot as my only connection for my laptop, ps3 and tv. I recently moved to a new house at the top of a mountain ridge in the beginning of August and was noticing my HTC thunderbolt was losing a 4g signal every 5-10 minutes whenever I am streaming HD content, downloading large files, ect. (nothing wrong with the phone as it is fine at work and other places that I have a better connection to the LTE sites)

    I picked up the bionic on Thursday and so far I have had 0 disconnects/ timeouts and it is much smoother and a more enjoyable experience for what I need my phone for. I'm no guru but im assuming that the antenna/case design of the phone is more efficient or better materials than the thunderbolt for a 4g connection in less than moderate coverage areas.

    *note 1X signal strength is the same around -80db to -85db, but I have not found a way to measure LTE signal strength other than messing with speed test.
    09-11-2011 10:34 AM
  2. DroidST's Avatar
    HTC's radio can't touch Motorola's.. Motorola has always had the best in my experiences and for my region...
    09-11-2011 12:44 PM