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    I got my Bionic on release day and have really liked it. I am in and out of many environments each day doing field service, so I got the Otter Box Defender Series case with holster from day one. Well yesterday I was getting out of my truck and trying to clip it into the holster on my belt, and it didn't snap in and it dropped onto pavement from about waist high. I was very glad that it was in the Otter Box, because the phone received no damage, So I thought... I noticed a little later that it was always in landscape orientation no matter how I was holding the phone. I did the battery pull, I turned off an on the auto rotate feature, and it did not help. I took it by a VZW store and they did a master reset, and it still did not work. The phone was still in brand new condition, so the rep gave me a new one. Whew!!
    From a waist high drop (about 3.5 feet) and in an Otter Box, should this have broken the accelerometer? Wow, I dropped my OG droid many times with no protection! Has anyone else had this problem? Did mine just have a problem, or are they that fragile?
    09-20-2011 09:57 AM