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    All of these issues are related and it is getting extremely aggravating. Let me explain.

    The last app I downloaded was Minecraft - Pocket Edition. It was at that point I started having this issue. What happens is, I downloaded app and noticed upon reboot (let's say the phone froze or is acting slow or whatever), I noticed the app is now missing. So I research the issue and find out that my problem here is that whenever I go to settings and then manage apps, under the Media Area tab I see that Minecraft has a the green box next to it checked which means (and you can see this if you click on an app under the Media Area tab) that if the box is checked then the app is stored on the Media Area (aka the SD card). If the box is unchecked it is installed on the phone itself. So all you need to do to make it so the app does not disappear upon reboot is move it to the phone and make sure that the green box is not checked. Simple right? Wrong.

    When you do this, it is true, the phone upon reboot will not erase your apps. However it does remove all updates from said app or at least the phone thinks it needs an update. The marketplace will prompt me to let me know that I have an update. When I go to the specific app that needs to be updated there is NOT an option to update. My options are either open or uninstall (this is through the marketplace). I can't update it. And assuming I moved the app from the media area to the phone to uncheck that green box, the "automatically update app" box in the marketplace also unchecks (I tend to keep all my apps checked mark there). So all I can do is check the auto update box in the marketplace and wait a day for the app to update.

    Now here is where it gets sketchy. Either the app tries to update but fails telling me there is insufficient storage available (despite me having 32gb on a class 10 microSD card (though I don't install anything on there due to issues) and 3.8 GB of free storage on my internal phone storage) or the app DOES update automatically but by updating the app (remember that media tab under the settings --> manage apps button?) it moves the app from the phone back to the media storage successfully rechecking that green box so anytime I am reboot the app disappears.

    So here is the dilemma. Either I have the app available no matter how many times I reboot except it will be the 1.0 version of the app, I can never update it despite getting constant notifications about it OR I attempt to update and just get insufficient storage available issues OR I DO update it but anytime my phone freezes or reboots the app disappears and I have to redownload it again. What... the... ....?

    Seriously I am at a loss. My phone is NOT rooted, I can't find solutions to these issues, and I have no idea if there is a fix incoming or not. Can someone please help me out here? Is there going to be a fix coming out for this? I hear about one in November but I don't know if it is handling issues like this. Is there a way to make the phone realize I have enough storage? Can I use my 32gb microSD without it removing everything from it every time I reboot? Something? Anything? Please help! Thanks for your time.
    11-01-2011 01:08 AM
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    11-03-2011 08:02 PM
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    You are correct it is well-established issue with the phone.. don't let apps go to the Media Area or they will disappear. Also its not the same as the sd card, but that is a separate issue and until that's fixed you should keep all apps on the phone, and in the Phone area, not Media Area, lol. You should have plenty of internal storage so that you don't need to worry about running out of space for a good while.

    I've just trained myself that after I install a new app or update some apps I should quickly scroll through that Media Area tab and make sure there are no check marks, if there are just move them back to the phone, as you've already learned.

    And yes sometimes that happens with my market as well, where it says there's an update available but no button to click to update. I just ignore it, usually if I go back to it a couple hrs later it will have the update button enabled. Then of course go check to make sure updating didn't move it to the Media Area.

    I personally suggest NOT allowing automatic updates for apps. I like to be fully aware and in control of app updates.. I like to read whats being updated and I'll even check the first couple user comments and see if people are complaining that the update does something bad like causing crashes, something like that. To each his own, but if you keep it that way then you won't have updates going on behind your back and risk missing something sneaking into that Media Area again

    Hope that helps!
    11-03-2011 08:18 PM