1. regta's Avatar
    Hi, I am in my second week of Bionic ownership. I have twice had what I think is a reboot start-up sound wake me up in the night. I have searched these threads with no luck finding a solution. I have it in the charging dock set as bedside clock.

    I am wondering if it is getting night time updates and forces it to re-boot??? The sound is the same one as I hear when I do a manual reboot at start-up

    Please help

    Thanks in advance
    11-08-2011 10:50 AM
  2. APeX3181's Avatar
    I've mentioned in other threads that for the past few weeks I've been getting force closes on my alarm clock app every night (or sometimes the dock app or sometimes both). In the morning when I remove the phone from the dock it freezes up and then automatically reboots.

    I'm going to try charging without the dock tonight to see if I have the same problem.

    The phone sometimes reboots and plays the startup sound while the screen is off then eventually turns on. Seems to be a quick reboot as opposed to a power off power on.
    11-08-2011 12:37 PM
  3. LDubs's Avatar
    Something definitely not right here. Your device shouldn't be randomly rebooting like that all the time. You might have downloaded an app that isn't playing nicely. I would go backwards through your recently downloaded apps (i.e. most recently downloaded first), uninstall, see if that fixes. It's a pain, but it shouldn't be happening. Barring that, might warrant a trip to VZW to get it checked out.
    11-08-2011 04:18 PM
  4. APeX3181's Avatar
    Well, it's not happening all the time really and I wouldn't say its random. It happens when I wake up, or sometime earlier overnight, and I'm sure it's something specific that's causing it. I just don't know what it is. I actually uninstalled the last app I added, but that didn't fix the issue. Same thing the next morning.

    What bugs me is that for all the effort put into these phones there's no error log or event log to check to see what went wrong...that might actually help pinpoint the problem, or at least what app might be causing it. The fact that I have to go in and start uninstalling apps (and in this situation waiting 24 hours for each app I uninstall) is ridiculous.
    11-08-2011 09:42 PM
  5. APeX3181's Avatar
    Ok. I charged the phone without the dock last night and still had the same issue. I checked System Panel this morning and there were only a few third party apps that used any cpu power overnight. Beautiful Widgets and Weather Channel. Both of those I had since getting Bionic on day 1 and have not been updated since. Don't really think it's any of those.

    The only other processes that used any cpu are a bunch of system processes. I will charge the phone in Safe Mode tonight and see what happens.
    11-09-2011 12:47 PM
  6. regta's Avatar
    I guess the answer I'm looking for, is there a way to turn off the loud sound this phone makes during boot-up???
    11-09-2011 01:47 PM
  7. APeX3181's Avatar
    Not that I know of. But more importantly, your phone shouldn't be automatically rebooting itself at all.
    11-09-2011 02:50 PM