1. TauntingBull's Avatar
    As the title say guys.... Is insurance on the Bionic worth it?

    How many of you guys have it?
    11-14-2011 08:01 AM
  2. nrk's Avatar
    If you have homeowners insurance check with them. Generally speaking, they offer coverage for cheaper than Verizon and with a lower/no deductible.
    11-14-2011 08:50 AM
  3. JStrider's Avatar
    I dont have it... I tend to be pretty good about taking care of my phones, and getting at least the 2 year contract period out of them, and I always use a case and screen protector for at least the first year or year and a half. its a risk... but I think in my case Its an acceptable one.
    11-14-2011 08:50 AM
  4. shadowsjc's Avatar
    i currently have it after getting my last phone (DX) stolen with no insurance. it was the first time i'd ever lost my phone / gotten it stolen, so i didn't want to take any chances with the bionic.

    i think you can cancel it at any time, so i intend to cancel it after ~13 months (or whenever i'm eligible for an upgrade)
    11-14-2011 10:56 AM
  5. p08757's Avatar
    I have insurance. I don't feel like spending ~$600.00 to buy a new one. Do you?
    11-14-2011 04:05 PM
  6. pel1kan's Avatar
    These devices are too expensive to not. Although I'm going to look into the homeowners thing. Have dropped this thing two or three times already...

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    11-14-2011 07:23 PM
  7. prizeferret's Avatar
    Farmers did not offer it through homeowners. I did mine for one year though Worth Ave for $60.

    After that, I sincerely doubt it is worth the money, esp when you consider the drop in the value of the phone and that there is a deductible you will need to pay too.
    11-15-2011 11:22 AM
  8. doogald's Avatar
    My homeowner's insurance will also not cover any portable electronics at all, not even with a high deductible.

    One piece of advice that I read is to never buy extended warranties for gadgets but always ask their cost, then set aside that money into an envelope/jar/online savings account. If any of your stuff breaks, you have funds then set aside of your own to replace them.
    11-15-2011 12:01 PM
  9. JStrider's Avatar
    timely article... aimed at the iphone, but it applies to all phones.

    Deciding Whether Or Not To Insure A New Phone - The Consumerist
    11-15-2011 12:56 PM
  10. freeky1's Avatar
    Assurion sucks! I refuse to give them a single penny of my money ever again.
    11-15-2011 03:44 PM
  11. waker's Avatar
    Assurion sucks! I refuse to give them a single penny of my money ever again.
    This... And yeah I don't mind spending 600 on a brand new phone however I could use an old blackberry for a while until I could get a new thunderbolt cheap used or a bionic the same way. A resounding hell no on the insurance.

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    11-15-2011 08:49 PM
  12. TauntingBull's Avatar
    Thanks for all the input guys ......
    11-16-2011 12:08 PM