1. Stang68's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    I use the PIN unlock with my Bionic. It usually works very quickly but after a day or so of up-time, it starts to lag really badly. I slide the lock and then put in the PIN. Then it takes up to 5 seconds to unlock and bring me to my homescreen. What could be causing this? The only fix is restarting the phone. Is anyone else seeing this issue? I'm using Launcher Pro, by the way, but I don't know if that's the problem.

    11-30-2011 10:15 AM
  2. 2defmouze's Avatar
    Bunch of widgets and/or other stuff running in the background?
    11-30-2011 11:45 AM
  3. Averix's Avatar
    I had that happen too. Turned out that it was due to my work's Exchange server policy requiring a passcode to unlock. I don't know if it had to dial home to the Exchange server to get an ok, but it added a second or two to the unlock. Was driving me nuts until I tracked it down and nuked the account. Once they removed that policy and I reloaded the account, it was as fast as it used to be.
    11-30-2011 12:05 PM
  4. Stang68's Avatar
    Thanks, guys. It is most definitely a PIN issue since I just switch to Pattern Lock and it unlocks fine. Hmm...
    11-30-2011 12:07 PM