1. clthielen's Avatar
    I have same problem. Phone works great, but for an unknown reason will go black and i have to pull battery to restore.
    12-16-2011 11:00 AM
  2. kach474's Avatar
    i have had that issue in the past few days. didn't do it before the update.? ?
    01-11-2012 08:12 AM
  3. rmschuyler's Avatar
    I had the same problem once recently. Had to pull battery also. The phone is great other than a few bugs so no regrets here.
    01-11-2012 07:45 PM
  4. jcrome04's Avatar
    Under what circumstances does it do this? Like... when you connect to BT... go to a certain app... try to narrow it down.
    01-12-2012 12:05 AM
  5. Life34's Avatar
    Happened 3 days in a row for me.
    01-12-2012 09:40 AM
  6. bigguy_132's Avatar
    I also have had this problem, but I have also had my phone reboot for no reason and just reboot.
    01-12-2012 10:36 AM
  7. kach474's Avatar
    first time it happened i opened my checkbook and it froze. i was in the car so i set it down till i got home. picked it up and black screen. pushed power button held it down held it down longer nothing. pulled battery turned on no issues till the next day. was using Web browser on this site. closed it. sent a couple texts no issues. put phone down picked up short time later black screen.
    01-13-2012 09:07 AM
  8. Storm2Cool's Avatar
    I still get the BSOD even after the .893 update. I was hoping Motorola and Verizona would push the .901 update and it would take care of it. I can set my phone down and let the screen go dark and then try it later and the phone doesn't come back. I have to do a battery pull.
    01-13-2012 12:17 PM
  9. Toejam's Avatar
    I have been getting the black screen more frequently now, which has been occurring over the last several weeks. Is there any solution to the issue yet.
    01-17-2012 08:12 AM