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    Thanks to imnuts and wynalazca at xda for all this info. I just collected it up into a how to video. Hope this helps as I am an visual learn and I know many others are. Complete at your own risk. If this helped please follow me @kraisydave on twitter, subscribe to youtube.com/kraisydave and visit Under construction. (A work in progress).

    1. Open ODIN.

    2. Put the phone into download mode. Do this by powering off your phone, pulling out the battery, and then holding volume down while connecting it to your pc. A giant yellow triangle should be on the phone's screen and it should say 'Downloading...' ODIN should say 'Added!!' and one of the boxes will be yellow and say '0:[COM#]'

    3. Click the button labeled 'PDA' and locate the file you are wanting to flash. For emphasis: YOU MUST USE THE PDA BUTTON!

    4. Click start. Do not disconnect the phone while it is flashing, it can cause some serious damage.

    5. Wait.

    6. When finished, unplug the phone, put the battery back in and power up the phone.

    Every time I've flashed this, the phone booted straight into recovery. Just select reboot (press home) and it boots up normally. It should probably be recommended to wipe data and cache afterwards, but I didn't and all of my data stayed in tact.

    Multiple people have reported that this works. Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone if this doesn't work.
    07-07-2011 01:50 AM

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