1. Nidaja's Avatar
    See my thread Google Services Framework for the front end of my rooting story....

    I have restored to factory, did restore to E1, ota updated to E4.

    When I look in my SD card, I have a Voodoo folder, and Titanium back up folder; stuff from rooting yesterday I assume.

    Should I screw up the courage to try and root again, are these things safe to be on my SD card, or will they interfere with a new rooting process??

    How to I make my phone as "clean" as possible to start a new rooting procedure? So there is no interference from old data on my SD card? Or will a new flash over write the old stuff?

    07-09-2011 12:35 PM
  2. Daemonax's Avatar
    Sorry you had issues with rooting, I thought we had you all set. For what it's worth, I've had those issues with various ROMs, as well. Usually, a factory reset and reflash works.

    When you do a factory reset, it'll clear out what it needs on the SD card. You can remove the Voodoo folder if you are on the OTA. I would keep the Titanium Backup folder for reasons that should be obvious. I hardly ever clean out my SD card.

    If you truly want a "clean" phone, you can format the SD card, but you will loose everything on it.
    07-11-2011 08:09 AM