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    I'm running a near-stock ee4 setup. I arrived there by flashing the factory ED2 factory rom, doing a recovery update.zip to the Verzon ee4, then flashing in the voodoo kernel. (From there I debloated the system and installed some of my favorite root apps.)

    I've done this several times, as each time I've tried to install CWM (Odin, Rom Manager, whatever), it's locked me into an endless unbootable cycle where Samsung shows on the screen for a few seconds, then reboots. Pulling the battery doesn't fix it. So, I've reflashed/updated/rooted 3 times now.

    So, this last time, I didn't bother to even try the CWM stuff. I just left it alone after I reached ee4+root.

    But, now I can't get into the Samsung recovery either!

    (I seem to have a recovery.rc, but from my googling, it also looks like I should have an /sbin/recovery. Which I don't!)
    07-13-2011 07:21 PM
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    Alright, if I do "adb reboot recovery", adb lists the phone as in recovery. But, again, no menu, just "Samsung".

    However! I can recover from that state just by doing "adb reboot" with no "recovery".

    Just a little more information as I continue hacking around on stuff.
    07-13-2011 08:03 PM