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    We have a ton of smart guys on here that know the INS and OUTS of these phones, so I'm hoping I can help some of their advice! Forgive me I hope its ok that I use links in this from the other "guys" but I see them lots on here so I'm think it should be ok.

    So, awhile back I decided to try the stock deodexed rom from here:
    [EP3HA][Stock][ODIN] EP3HA Full & Debloated Deodexed (10/9/11) - xda-developers

    Well Ioved the basic work of it, but had issues with basic things like backup assistant, sync, etc. So I fully returned to stock EE4. Once that was done, I went back and redid another room, the Humble 4.22 ROM located here:
    [ROM][ODIN][CWR][EP3H] Humble 4.22 Gingerbread 2.3.5 10-9-2011 - xda-developers

    ROM seems nice and comes with a butt-load of extra's that I will never need, but its awesome nonetheless. Everything is working perfectly...but one minor thing! I want a certain theme that I fell in love with!!!
    [Added statusbar background!][EP3HA][CoreDroid Theme Port with CRT.] - xda-developers

    I absolutely love this theme! And according to the site, it "should" work since I'm using a humble based rom. I've had two issues thus far....

    4.22 update via CWR refuses to take. It says install complete and I reboot into CWR and do /mount system as the instructions state, however when I boot up its still 4.2 not 4.22. I've noticed 4.2 is blocking everything, even the theme. So I can't get 4.22 to actually "take" even though it says install complete. Same goes for the theme, it says it installed in CWR but when I boot up its still original rom. Anyone have any advice on how to get 4.22 to properly TAKE then get my favorite theme to TAKE??

    11-01-2011 05:01 AM
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    I tried to CWR 4.22 and it failed also with no warning. Just use ODIN.
    11-01-2011 07:05 AM
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    I tried to CWR 4.22 and it failed also with no warning. Just use ODIN.
    Odin does not recognize the files in 4.22 because its not a md5 or tar or w/e. I can send the zip file to the SD card and install it, but it never truly takes. If I try Odin, zip or unzipped, their is no "one" file to choose. So, now what to do I do?

    EDIT! So someone posted in XDA a fix...boot into CWR, /mount system FIRST, then install Humble422.zip file and reboot. Works perfectly! Now to try my theme install
    11-01-2011 10:22 AM