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    For some reason my nephew tried to root my droid charge, he failed, but i have all these root programs on my phone and it's seriously messed up. My ? is, is there anyone in the phoenix/glendale az area who can help me fix this? I personally know jack bout this kind of stuff n do not really think i can fix this myself. I want it either all the way rooted or put back to stock.
    Now hears the bizarre part. My Charge was deactivated months ago n am now using droid razr. But, my Charge still does everything cept phone calls n text...it still connects to internet, send/receive email, download apps, and plays online games n etc. Don't know if thats spos to be the case...but, bcuz of this, whatever happens to the Charge, happens to the Razr. So it appears that some of those, not all, root programs are on my Razr also. So, i would actually like both fixed to full root or back to stock.
    Or if anyone wants to trade me a rooted/jailbroken(not sure how apple does their whole thing) iphone 4 for both of my droids, I am very interested in talking...or jailbroken/rooted ipad2 or new model with verizon 3g. But, no matter what, I really need these phones fixed...o n i have an ipad2 that i would like to have rooted/jailbroken also.
    I am very willing to hire somebody to help me here please...
    My email is simard7183@gmail.com
    Or u can text me at
    04-09-2012 10:21 PM