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    I am having issues with my apps/system locating my sd card. The problem began for no apparent reason a couple weeks ago. I know the sd card is good because I can see and access all the contents through titanium backup and root explorer. I can save pics and download files but the only way to use them is through those two apps but none of the others (including gallery, music, tweetcaster, etc.). Even after restart, the scanning media prompt comes and goes in less than one second like it couldn't find the sd card. But when you look under settings--> sd card & phone storage, the stats are there. Weird!

    I noticed while saving a pic that the path is /mnt/sdcard/ instead of just /sdcard/. There are two paths to the same information. Is my system pointing the apps to the wrong path? Is this a partitition issue? I'm not well versed in that area. Is there a way to change the way apps look for the sd card?
    09-06-2012 03:16 PM