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    Hey guys, coming from a fascinate, we had some mods that I used and was trying out some with the Charge. These are system fonts that will show up in the menu in settings/display settings/font style.
    We were flashing fonts from this xda thread.
    They would work but we couldn't figure out how to get them to show up in the font style menu.
    The credit goes out to thatdudebutch, a developer at xda.
    He made the font apks and flashable zip to install, but when I tried it, my phone soft bricked. Not sure why, the pathway was correct, but just didn't work.
    So, I just took out the meta-inf folder rezipped them, so there are about 70 font.apks in it. I can't believe they charge like a dollar for each font when you hit the "get fonts online" button.

    To install, unzip the file and move the whole bunch to the data/app folder. They DO NOT go in the system/fonts folder. You need to be rooted and use a file manager like root explorer. They will show up in the font style menu and you can choose which to apply.

    Download the zip here

    Again all credit goes to thatdudebutch.

    this is a screenshot from my charge
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    06-01-2011 04:11 AM