1. rukshmani's Avatar
    Is there any step by step guide for newbies to root their charge with ED2?. I read different posts saying backing up in case of need to restore, but none of the rooting steps instruct that, so how eaxctly to go about it. One post says how to downgarde and root and a seperate one says how to create odin , is creating ODIN means creating a back up for factory reset? When I had EVO, the guide said the first thing to do after rooting is when the phone boots up in recovery mode, select nandroid back up and save that to restore phone to factory default state. Is it possible with Samsung? If so can anyone put togather the steps, things to do before, while and after rooting. Sorry to sound so non technical, but I am new to Samsung Devices and scared to root as I am not clear if I can go back to factory default settings if I have to go to Verizon. I am technically challenged and yet want to take full advantage of the Charge by rooting.
    06-01-2011 04:03 PM