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    I haven't rooted my Charge yet, but am quite possibly going to be doing so in the next couple of days. My wife on the other hand, is wanting to hold off on getting her Charge rooted until it's been out and she feels like it's more stable. My question is this...There is an issue with the Mobile Hotspot on unrooted phones that popped up and there's going to be an OTA update on 09JUN. Does anyone know or have any ideas based on past experience with rooting whether this will likely incorporate fixes to known roots as well? As in, if my wife takes the update when it comes out, then what do y'all think the chances of the update also incorporating "fixes" for other things such as Root. This will be my 2nd phone rooting, so I really don't have much experience with how sneaky phone companies get when trying to block known roots.
    06-05-2011 09:48 PM