10-26-2011 12:47 PM
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    Thank you chadness for the excellent step-by-step guide.

    I have had my Charge for 3 months, and was sick of the lagginess and the horrible TW color scheme (****-brown / yellow). I am finally rooted, debloated and GummyChrge 2.0'd

    The quadrant scores went from high 600s - mid 700s to mid 2300s. And this thing is snappy as hell. I don't know why people have made such a big deal about rooting phones. They make it seem like it is as arduous as writing an OS. NO. Its so darn simple.

    I was scared at first. I feared bricking my phone, and was overwhelmed by all the terminology and steps that had to taken. The Odin piece of it is made to look like (on most forums and by most people out there) as if it was sent straight from Steve Job's grave (Is it too early to make Steve Jobs jokes?). But it was soooo straightforward.

    Odin failed on me a couple of times, but I just restarted that program and plugged / unplugged my phone a few times, and Odin was happy. It was so easy from that point on.

    This write-up was EXTREMELY helpful. All the links were right there and all the steps were detailed enough for a history major (or any other field of study that does not even come close to anything techy / computer-related), blond headed, buy iPhone because its cool (although I have no clue what the iPhone is capable of. Oh does this thing have internet on it? Wait what's the internet?) - type female who does not care about technology to understand. You get the point.

    kejar did an excellent job on the ROM. I love the open-source community, and having been a part of it, I really appreciate the efforts of the android community. Keep up the great work people.

    I can't wait for Team Gummy's Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for my charge (hope they are working on it). Thank you all again. I read each and every post in this thread, and the other threads this one linked to.

    (For the Record - The comments I made above might look like I'm a sexist or look down on people with certain type of educational background - but that is NOT the case. I have seen too many of those types here in Indiana; mid-west in general; to form a negative stereotype in my head. When I come across a person who has the aforementioned characteristics, but is at least remotely aware of the technology world, I will change my opinion. But, my point was that people with good computer skills, who ask intelligent questions, still make it look like a mountain of a task - while in reality it isn't. I know some people might have problems and are unfortunate that some little quirky thing is not working for them, but they are very few. My sympathies and apologies to them. For the others - please read a few posts, and follow the instructions provided by chadness, and you will be off to a much better android experience.)

    Sorry if I blabbered too much. Thank you all once again. Android FTW!
    10-20-2011 11:43 AM
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    Great info
    10-26-2011 12:47 PM
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