1. maxt_63's Avatar
    Hey there android community!

    I have decided to root my RAZR HD, but there is talk of the new Jelly Bean update coming out this month. I, being new to Androids and rooting, am not sure whether to root now, or wait for the JB to come out, then root with the latest method. Is it complicated to un-root, then root again with a new rooting software? If it isnt, and if the current root method works for JB as well (from what I have heard) should I root now? And if I update (OTA) while having the previous rooting method, will it mess up my phone? Thanks.

    11-16-2012 10:53 PM
  2. Dreamliner330's Avatar
    There is no reason to wait. The root thread clearly lays out proper root steps and has the Jelly Bean rom available for download. There is no reason whatsoever to wait. The only thing you gain by waiting is the OTA Jelly Bean update that may make it more difficult to root.

    Root now and forever hold your freedom.
    11-17-2012 08:16 PM

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