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    I noticed another thread here with this issue (Virgin Mobile Opimus V battery completely discharging overnight) though it's from 2011. I've had this Razr HD a week, bought from MobileKarma supposedly in "great" condition, and have a few days left to return it. And I'm tempted, but I'm actually learning to like the dam*ed thing!

    Except while it charges fairly quickly and keeps a good charge on USB, when I've woken up in the morning from a 100% charge the night before, it's discharged itself to a 3% or less the next morning! I can't think of anything that's running, though I can't figure out how to turn the phone off. —Don't laugh: I'm new to Moto, and I've got it rooted with SS, but basically I'm stock with a lot of frozen apps. I'm using (what I know is a memory hog) Go Launcher Ex to make it act/look like my older HTCs, but I have Greenify installed, and can't figure out why the thing is discharging overnight when it CAN'T be being used!

    The crap wall charger that came with it will actually suck the battery dry as I watch. I'm not sure if it's an official Moto charger or not since I'm new to Motorola, but the wall charger stays red and angry-looking. I think that charger's just a piece of isht, so I'm using an HTC USB-to-microUSB charger and it's doing a bang up job charging either while I'm using it or in the mornings! Only problem is, in the mornings, the battery is completely discharged. Strange, since through the day, the phone seems to keep a good charge, and I use the hell out of it, especially trying to learn Jellybean. It's rooted (with SS), but I can tell it's been unlocked/rooted before (they didn't even TRY to clean up the CWM folders, etc, on the phone SMDH).

    Tonight, I'll try unplugging it from the (closed!) laptop and powering down the phone (which, again, it doesn't seem to power down)!

    Oh, that's the other thing: how the F do I hibernate the phone, vs powering down? Is there a fastboot option? I wish MobileKarma had sent a manual or something..

    Do all Razr HDs power themselves back on all by themselves if plugged into a closed laptop USB charger? It's just so odd!
    04-13-2014 01:35 PM
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    Okay: IF anyone else has this problem, unplugging the fully charged phone at night and merely turning off the screen helped. But I also turned off (froze and am preparing to remove entirely) a lot of services that were misbehaving — sadly, a lot of Google services. The others, like Google Play Svcs, I'll keep hibernated with Greenify as I detect them, I suppose, so that screen and greenify are the ones with the biggest "wakeup" numbers (and freakin Go Launcher, but it wakes itself mostly when I'm using phone in day, so that's okay; as long as I know what the culprit is). Really, I don't want anything running at night except phone and messages, and I use non-google and non-Moto apps for those anyway, so...

    Found a handy and THOROUGH list of everything that can be deleted (or at least frozen), though I'm picking carefully through them. I'd missed a LOT of *.Moto*.com apps in my freezing frenzy.

    Anyway, I've been waking up to a fully charged phone, though it's not turned off or plugged into closed laptop. Getting rid of the bad apps (misbehaving apps) really helped.
    04-15-2014 09:44 AM

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