1. Zincdust's Avatar
    Hi folks!

    Long story short, I dropped my Razr HD & the screen is borked. No display what-so-ever, although I am receiving notification sounds, so at least I know the phone still works somewhat.

    I have a new phone ordered through Verizon, but I would like to transfer my photos off of my Razr to my PC in the meantime.

    I've connected to my PC via USB cable, where the phone shows up as a portable device; "DROID RAZR HD". When I double-click that, it shows as empty.

    I bring up the Motorola Device Manager program; it's telling me that I need to switch the USB mode on my device to "Media device (MTP)" to continue. Of course, I can't, because the screen is broken.

    Finally, I downloaded a program that I read about, called "My Mobilizer". It doesn't even recognize that my RAZR is hooked up via USB, and tells me to please connect a device.

    My RAZR does have a slide-code on it, so I don't know if this is also causing an issue or not. Any ideas on what to do next?! Thanks a million in advance!!!
    05-18-2014 08:27 PM
  2. Michael Nancarrow's Avatar
    I believe there is a method to turning this on via Command Line, but you'll need to search for that.

    Alternatively, I assume this does not have expendable memory, so have you tried using play.google.com to get an app that uses WiFi/Mobile Data to mimmick your phone on PC? If so, you may be able to access the files this way?
    05-19-2014 12:50 AM

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